Monday, April 29, 2013

To Boston With Love

The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild has started a project called To Boston With Love. They want people to sew a small flag using the themes of love, peace, and/or harmony - the flags will all be strung together to be displayed in Boston in June. Visit one of the above links for all the details. As of right now, the flags all need to be received by May 21.

I decided to make a flag or two. So I began late Sunday afternoon. The hardest part was deciding how to make each flag. After that, it goes pretty fast. 

Here are my flags - all four of them.
I cleaned all of the threads off of my design wall before I took this and then realized the white background wasn't good!
 One more photo on my cutting mat.
Yes, that's my foot
 And a close up of the little 6" X 8" flags.

If you are in Boston in June, I hope you get to see all of the flags and feel the love!

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