Friday, April 12, 2013

Nikon School and Quilting

We are in Chicago tonight - Ray is attending Nikon School here the next two days. 

We visited my mom this morning - she is in the very late stages of Alzheimer's but was doing well - it is always a good day when she remembers how to kiss me! We went on to Belvidere and stopped at the Steam Plant Restaurant for lunch. When Mom moved back to Belvidere in 2001, she loved that restaurant. We had a really good lunch and the hostess remembered Mom!

Then it was time for traveling our way - no major highways, no tollroads. We had planned on driving Route 20 most of the way but the GPS had other plans. It was a fun trip and took longer but we enjoyed ourselves. We are now in a hotel near O'Hare. In fact Ray has been taking time-lapse photos of planes from our window. Now that it is dark, we can really see the arriving planes "stacked up".

There is always a bit of culture shock when we are in Chicago. The bellhop brought our luggage to the room - we aren't used to that sort of pampering or all that tipping! The parking is $26 per night and breakfast is $15 per person - we aren't used to those kind of prices! After dinner, I bought a bag with a dozen malted milk balls. There was a code on the bag so I thought I knew the price but when I paid, it was $6. Ray said he thought that was a lot - but I didn't think so since I thought it was $12! Ray loves malted milk balls.

Ray loves his photography about as much as I love my quilting! I am so glad that we both have great hobbies. He has been wanting to attend this school for a few years and it never worked into our schedules. I'm so glad it fit this year.

I'll be quilting for the next couple of days while Ray is downstairs attending class. I thought I had everything I needed but somehow I am missing a hand-sewing needle. I will have a lot of appliqué 
threads to bury so I think I'll head to the desk tomorrow morning and see if they have a sewing kit - fingers crossed! If not, I may talk to the friendly bellhop who was telling me how easy it is to hop the blue-line and head downtown!


  1. Good luck on finding a needle ... and enjoy your "retreat"!

  2. Sounds like you are set (once you find that elusive needle!). Happy sewing! Hugs, Doreen

    1. All is going quite well even though I don't have that needle yet! I am going to put a dent in this machine applique that I have left! ~Jeanne

  3. I've only been to Chicago once, many years ago. It was early December and the Christmas lights downtown were so gorgeous. Have a great time! blessings, marlene

  4. I wish I had known that you were in Chicago. I'm only about an hour or so from O'Hare. I've have brought you a needle, and someone to sew with, too. You could have come with hubby and me to present that Quilts of Valor quilt.



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