Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm ready - and waiting!

My sewing rooms are ready and waiting for the new tables. This project started in January - I showed you some before pictures here.

We had this old buffet in the front dormer room. The previous owner of the house told me that I would have to chop it up if I ever wanted to get rid of it - it was too big to go down the stairs. She said she bought it at a garage sale for 50 cents (35 years ago) and did $600 worth of damage to the house getting it up the stairs! The piece of furniture was well made but of little value.

We took it apart yesterday. First the back came off.
 Then the top.
 From there, we just disassembled it with very little sawing.
 And eventually, we only had pieces.
I really am ready for my new tables.
Now I'm just waiting...but not for long. They are being delivered tomorrow!


  1. Lots of work to get your new tables. Can't wait to see them.

  2. Cool to see where you create all your beautiful work. You are going to love those big tables.



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