Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beautiful oak tables

My tables arrived. They are beautiful! I love oak and these are solid oak - heavy and very stable! It is wonderful to have a neighbor who is such a craftsman!

This one is in the front dormer - the sewing machine room. Here is a photo before everything was moved in.
In addition to my Bernina, my Viking and my serger are now setup ready to use whenever needed. We decide to keep this table a normal height instead of making it shorter according to my original plan.

I kept the desk since it also provides additional surface and storage space.

The cutting and storage room has two new tables which are fantastic. They are the perfect height for me to stand and cut or whatever of course they were made for my height! This one in the middle of the room is 3' by 5'.

You can see the one along the wall. Here it is before everything was moved back into the room.
And one more picture after the move back in.
I can rotate the middle table and butt it up against the side table so I can pin a 9' quilt the Sharon Schamber way.

The move back into the rooms was work - lots of work! The fabric was already sorted by color and in plastic drawers. I didn't take any photos of the left side of the room with all of the plastic drawers. Nothing else really had a place and there was lots of sorting to do - especially patterns and books. Why do I own so much?! 

It is so nice to have our guest room available again! I need to clean out one of our huge dormer closets that is billed the 'craft closet'. Then I'll move some things in and the sewing rooms will look even better! 

But for right now, I'm done cleaning - it is time to quilt!


  1. Wow! I love your tables! And I love all the working space that you have ... and am a little jealous, too since I have a space that's at best 5'x9'. ;-)

  2. Those tables are so nice (so is the whole sewing space(s). Thought of you last Saturday as I was pin-basting 2 quilts (Sharon's way). The process was so quick and so on-grain!! Have done quite a few that way and they go faster/better each time!! Thanks for the link!!

    1. Thanks Doreen! My neighbor also made me three 7' boards to use in pinning quilts. I didn't have any quite that long and these match my new tables! So glad the process works for you too! ~Jeanne

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Danielle! I didn't have much room for a long time. Now we are old, empty nesters and have more space to spread out! lol! ~Jeanne

  4. Love your new room! Those tables are wonderful and love those pretty blocks hanging on the wall. I too use Sharon's way of pinning quilts and was lucky enough to be in one of her classes for machine quilting. When I had cleaned earlier this year I only did the closet... not I must do the rest of the room as it needs to become the spare room for company in a few days.



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