Friday, February 22, 2013

Blue Irish Chain ... done!

In July of 2011, we visited Quilter's Compass in Monticello, Wisconsin. I bought a blue batik to make an Irish chain incorporating some other squares I had made. You can see my idea below, an idea that I did not like once I saw the pieces together!

The little pinwheels ended up in a donation quilt.

The blue batik did become an Irish chain. 

It is 120" X 104". I hand quilted it in three large pieces. The motif is my own. Here is a closeup of the motif.
Recently I finished and joined the pieces. I added the outer border on the ends and machine quilted the border since it is batik which is hard to hand quilt. I put on the binding. Then I realized that I did not add the 1" white inner border on the ends (where the borders were added after most of the quilting was done).
I'm not tearing out binding, quilting, and borders!

The back is cotton, a Japanese fabric. 

I love the color - it looks summery on this snowy, wintry day. The quilt is definitely unique thanks to my 'error' but I love it. It is a keeper!


  1. I LOVE that Irish chain ... I have a blue and white Irish chain that I stitched up last year. I love the hand quilting motif you used. I've never tried piecing together segments of a quilt ... but I may have to give it a try as my daughter wants me to make her a king-sized quilt one of these days. ;-)

  2. That came out beautiful! I agree with you on not tearing it out..... I did not even notice it until you pointed it out! Love your motif and love the idea of how you put this one together. I just love blue and white together.... a true masterpiece.



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