Monday, February 18, 2013

Interesting Start To Private Retreat

Ray once again has a meeting in Champaign, IL. It happens twice a year like clockwork! So I come along and keep him company on the trip. While he is at his meeting, I sew in our motel room. 

I brought the QOV quilt (in pieces) that I started a week ago at our retreat. Last night about 9:30, I set up my machine and got everything ready. Then I realized what I had sewn last week. 

The top piece is fine - when the blocks are made and put together, the blue/white HSTs will make a pinwheel. The bottom one, well, it is NOT fine! Seventy some piece were ripped apart last night and re-sewn this morning! 

I'm now making progress so I'll get back to sewing!


  1. Ugh! "Unsewing" is no fun....just necessary sometimes. It's "character building" time and you must be quite the character!!! LOL!

    1. Thanks! Some days I get in lots of character building! I'm glad it's done for now - Jeanne

  2. So sorry. But glad if you had to do such ripping you were at a private retreat. Really looks like it is going to be beautiful.


  3. Ah I hate ripping too. But with my new sewing machine, I can rip ou without chewing up my fabric like I did when ripping out stitches sewn by my old machine. ;-)

    How lucky you are to get your own little quilting retreat. Hope you are productive - can't wait to see what all you get done.

  4. EWWW ,70? You more disciplined than me!

  5. Wow ... 70 of them. You are a brave lady. I would have made up something for them to work as is... but then again I am a lazy quilter!



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