Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A nice little retreat!

Ray had a meeting in Champaign Illinois on Monday. So we used Sunday and Tuesday as travel days. While in Champaign, we stayed at the iHotel - very comfortable and nice. It was also wonderful for my full day of quilting on Monday! I was invited to eat with Ray's committee so I just walked downstairs to their conference room and enjoyed my meals!

The desk was really long and the desk chair was perfect for comfort and quilting. 

I finished this table runner. 

There was plenty of room for the ironing board. I turned the TV off right after I took this picture. I had Pandora going on my iPad all day. The red lounge chair and foot stool (no pictures of them except for a corner in this photo) were so comfortable to sit in and hand sew the binding.

I sewed mostly batiks all day. How I love my Featherweight!

This batik table runner just kept growing! It might be considered a tablecloth now!

Last, I decided to work on some modified pineapple blocks. There was a Starbuck's on site (great hot apple cider) so that is the cup you see on the desk.

Here are a couple of the finished blocks. I made four blocks and was in the process of putting a half triangle border around them when Ray's meetings got over. So we went shopping!

When I finish things up, I'll post photos. It was a really nice day!


  1. I love batiks and I so love your growing table, uh, quilt! I have not done a pineapple pattern but sure do like the design. Am thinking I should do a lap sized quilt so I can practice doing "feathers". Hugs,

  2. What a retreat! Too bad it was only a 2-day meeting for Ray, eh?



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