Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Free Motion Quilting Project Week 5

I am ready to link up with The Free Motion Quilting Project Week 5 and Leah Day.
This week was about 
quilting in blocks
1) filling a shape with stippling
and 2) stippling around a motif in a shape.

I did not have any cheater fabric so I drew a star on some fabric and filled it with stippling.

Then I drew a circle with a heart in it and stippled in the circle around the heart.

I decided the quilting might not show up very good on the patterned fabric so I started over with 'plain' fabric. Again I drew a star and filled it with stippling. Those are narrow points to fill!
The fabric looks wavy in the photo but it really isn't - it lies flat.

Here's the back.

Then I drew a heart motif inside another star and filled the star with stippling. You might notice that this star's points aren't quite as slender!
It must be the fabric that is making this look rippled.

And the back.

I am learning so much. I thought I just wanted to learn to stipple and that would be as much FMQ as I would ever need. Not! For the Free Motion Quilting Challenge, I need to do feathers this month. I think I can do that because I can quilt on a line! And now I can also fill a design and make a motif stand out. I feel like I am making great progress even though I have a very long way to go!


  1. Oh my goodness, it all looks FABULOUS!

  2. Your homework gets an A+!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great the way you used a heart for your center! Wish I had thought of that too! Had such a hard time with the interlocked squares....
    : )

  4. httpmewilbanks.wordpress.comFebruary 8, 2012 at 4:22 PM

    nice work.

  5. Your star looks great!! I love the heart.

  6. I agree with Mike - you're one A++ student and should get a bonus point for designing your own motif this week too. Way to go!

  7. Fantastic- designing, drawing, stitching, and you did many of them, they all look great, and very original motifs.

  8. You've managed the narrow points on your star really well - I'm foreveer getting stuck in corners!

  9. Beautiful! I'm thinking about making quilted muslin stockings (similar to Pottery Barn's with the fur cuff), and I'd been trying to figure out how to quilt them. This is perfect. Great job

  10. Debby - Thanks! I hope this works out for you -I'd love to see what you do! ~Jeanne



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