Friday, February 24, 2012

A beautiful winter day

This time the storm did not miss us! We got heavy, wet snow last night. The temperature is right around 30 degrees and the sun peeks out every so often.The perfect day for a snow day which all the kids around here are enjoying!

I took a few photos out the window. It is beautiful. Of course, I don't have to shovel or go outside for any reason!

Now the wind is blowing and it looks like it is snowing again as the snow falls from the trees and power lines.

It is a perfect day for quilting!


  1. Earlier this week we, here in our area, braced for that storm. Even up until late Wed. we were being told to prepare for 6" of snow/rain. Yesterday morning I woke up to a sunrise!!!! Whaaaa? Well, now we all know it really went SOUTH!...and you can testify to it! They always say these snows go quickly cuz of warmer temps but this strange winter has brought more brown than white for sure. Stay safe and "enjoy"(?). Been quilting/sewing here, too. On to the next quilt.....a guy's theme-RV's,camping and fishing (at least it is appropriate for the guy who will eventually receive this one!!!). Take care, hugs,

  2. Oh, I'm SO jealous! Your snowfall is absolutely beautiful ... and you are so right, it's a perfect day for quilting when it snows. Maybe that's why I love the snowfall so much! ;-)



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