Wednesday, February 8, 2012

QAYG FMQ QAL update 2

QAYG FMQ QAL stands for Quilt As You Go Free Motion Quilting Quilt A Long. This is happening with Laura in Perth, Australia over at  Quokka Quilts - see right column for the button. I need to link up to show my progress.

I am not making a quilt but I am practicing and doing each type of free motion quilting. The last update included the 4 blocks for row 1- all curved stitching. Now we have the 4 blocks for row 2 - all straight stitching.

First is Stippled Squares. I found this difficult - not knowing where I was going next was hard as well as wanting to curve my lines!

Second, is Lightning Bolts. Again I found this a little tough because I wasn't sure where I was going. The second part of each bolt - echoing back - was much easier!

Third is Spiral Illusion. I liked doing this - probably because I knew exactly where I was moving to next! It is a little hard to keep the lines even but not bad.

And last is Pointy Paisley. This wasn't too bad but I really squared off my shapes instead of keeping them more triangular.

So my biggest problem with these four squares is my left brain - having trouble when I don't know where I'm going. You know what they say: "If you don't know where you're'll probably end up somewhere else..." Hmmm, wonder where I'll end up!


  1. They look great! Better than mine! You should be making it into a quilt! Would a glass of wine help overcome your left brain?



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