Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm working on... and a Free Motion Quilt Along Update Week 8

It's February 29 - Happy Leap Year! 

An update on the Free Motion Quilt Along at The Free Motion Quilting Project.This week we were working on quilting a large quilt. I have half of a twin size quilt machine stippled. I did not press all of the seams open like Leah Day suggested because the top was already sewn when I read her suggestions.sad I used Aurifil thread and had a horrible time with it breaking. I now know a heavier thread would work better since I have the thickness of the seams - I don't think I am likely to forget!

I am working on another twin size quilt. There is really no pattern. I cut some square/rectangular pieces of the white patterned fabric and put different sizes of color strips around them. Here is my design floor.

The hand quilting on our newest quilt is going slow but I may actually finish it within a year - we'll see!

Adding a little bit of interest to my sewing is this red superhero cape. I really thought our youngest son (he'll be 32 in a couple of weeks) was done asking for superhero capes but apparently not! He'll actually be using it for a good cause this weekend. It is not as great as I'd like it to be but I only had so much fabric.

I think that covers what's going on in my sewing area for now...


  1. You're braver than I am ... I don't like to quilt over seams (just can't seem to keep the uniformly sized or uniformly spaced at the seams!). I can't wait to see the whole quilt ... I love the blue and white quilts (hand quilting a blue and white Irish chain right now myself).

  2. Jeanne - I really like the bright quilt colors and your new design for the twin size, too!

    Sorry for your Aurifil experience; that's frustrating.

    The hand quilted blue & white is beautiful - heirloom quality!

    Nice job1

  3. Looks as if your stippling is going well, Jeanne. I love the colours of your quilt. I'm about to make a baby quilt in bright colours - really looking forward to playing with it!

  4. Wow, Jeanne, you HAVE been busy! Love all your projects. My machine doesn't seem to like Aurifil, so I have gotten away from using it. Am not sure if there were other factors, though, since it was so long ago and much info has been put out there regarding this issue. Guess each machine will let you know when it's happy!! I have a quilt that is 2/3 hand quilted. It was started by a dear friend who passed away some years ago (not even 50 y.o.). Her DH gave it to me if I wanted to finish and keep it as a remembrance. I look at it every day but can't quite start....yet. Thanks so much for the peek into your world!-D Hugs.....

  5. Nice to see your finishes and works in progress. You are doing really nice work.



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