Thursday, June 20, 2019

We have arrived home

We wander for distraction 
but we travel for fulfillment. 
-Hilaire Belloc

We are home! 

For the last week or so, we have been staying at Black Dog Inn just northeast of Spooner, WI. It was a small place that served us well. The only problem was the Internet connection but it was the best they could get. I finally started using my phone as a hotspot and things worked well. We were in the middle of the woods and it was very quiet and peaceful. Our hosts were fantastic. One evening they invited us for a delicious spaghetti dinner and a boat ride. There was some wildlife in the area and we enjoyed seeing a young black bear. We had a great stay!

Spooner, WI is just a few miles north of Shell Lake, WI, where two of my brothers live, one with his lovely wife. We enjoyed being able to spend some time with them each day.  

Yesterday we hiked at Hunt Hill Sanctuary near Sarona, WI. We didn't see much wildlife but we did find a few wildflowers.

Here are a few photos.
Sunset on Spooner Lake

My brother Jim and Ray. I took photo from the top deck of treehouse.

Treehouse from Shell Lake.  Some tree limbs were removed this week.
There was a grass airport close to our rental; the runway crossed the road

There was a grass airport close to our rental

A real party boat!

We ran into a high school classmate one day while we were eating lunch in Hayward, WI!

Spooner Lake

Spooner Lake

Spooner Lake
Near our rental

at Hunt Hill Sanctuary

at Hunt Hill Sanctuary

at Hunt Hill Sanctuary

at Hunt Hill Sanctuary

at Hunt Hill Sanctuary

at Hunt Hill Sanctuary

at Hunt Hill Sanctuary

Ray and SIL Sam on Shell Lake

My brother Jim aka tour guide on Shell Lake

My brother Tom on Shell Lake

We got home a couple of hours ago. Ray turned on the water and we have a leak! So the water went off and the plumber was called. Plumber is here now. Hopefully nothing major is wrong.

We've had a wonderful trip and feel blessed and fulfilled that we get to travel as we do. It looks like we'll be leaving again in about 10 days. We'll be heading east.

Health update: The great thing is that I never did go into anaphylactic shock. The medicine has some weird side effects that I'm dealing with. #OneMoreDayofMeds #TimeToSayI'mOK


  1. Love the photos - especially the sunset (or sunrise?) and that purple flower. So glad the shock never happened but so sorry you are dealing with other side effects. Hope the leak is fixed quickly and you can relax at home for a bit.

  2. Glad to hear you made it home. The past week was probably good for you to recover. Know you will be glad to be off meds....I don't do well on them either. It may take a few days to clear your system.
    A leak....doesn't that have to happen after a trip. Hope it is easily solved.



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