Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sheridan, Wyoming

It does not do to dwell on dreams 
and forget to live
 – Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

We are in Sheridan, Wyoming. The drive from Bozeman to Sheridan was pretty. We had sun and warm temperatures. We still have a little haze and I understand that many are now experiencing the haze all the way south and east to South Carolina.

My view in my (passenger) outside mirror. This picture is a mirror image.

We arrived at our rental - it is so cute! It's also comfortable.

After spending time with our host and moving in, it was time for fabric! The Quilter's Fix was my choice, after all, I needed a fix!

They even post their touching hours!

I found two pieces for backing that just had to come with us. They also had the Quilter's Select rulers and I found the ones on my list.

Our next stop was the Historic Sheridan Inn.

The original Buffalo Bill Bar

It was so nice on their covered porch. I could have sat there for a long time.

After a short break at home, we walked from our rental to Kendrick park, about 1/2 block. It's a great park and a perfect evening to be out walking. We had to walk through much of the park to get to the concession stand for ice cream. (Our host said we HAD to have ice cream!) I had Huckleberry - it was really good. This little stand is a goldmine - the line never stops!

We walked along the river in the park. Can you see the sandbags on the left at the top of the stone wall? Earlier today we saw some firemen checking them and we wondered what was going on. The flooding was about three weeks ago; we are relieved that they aren't expecting any flooding now.

We took the path up the hill.

There was Trail End, also known as the Kendrick Mansion. The tours for the day ended before we got there but we found out that one can wander the grounds. So we did!

We met a couple, Aaron and Erin, by the carriage house which is now The Carriage House Theater, an intimate 88-seat theater. They are both on the Board of Directors for the theater. They showed us the inside of the theater; gave us a short history lesson; and just visited for a while. 

Back on our walking path, we saw some of the buffalo in the VERY large enclosure. There were also elk but the shadows were making it hard to get photos. 

Now we are home and watching the Cubs game.

Our VRBO rental last night in Bozeman was nice. We were in an apartment above the detached garage outside of town. The sunset was gorgeous.
Looking east.
Looking west.
Tomorrow we are headed to South Dakota where we will stay for a few days.

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