Thursday, June 6, 2019

Thursday in the Black Hills, SD

Note: We have very limited Internet so posts will be whenever I can make it happen.

Water cuts through rock, 
not because of it's power; 
but because of it's persistence.
                 -from a sign on Spearfish Falls trail

Today we spent time in the northern hills. We drove the entire Northern Hills loop with a number of stops.

We hiked to Roughlock Falls. It was a gorgeous day with beautiful blue skies and temperatures in the 80s.

We reached the falls and I wasn't sure how to get a good picture. It was pretty awesome. There is lots of water here after years of drought. This area has had lots of snow and rain including 24 - 30+ inches of snow in late May.

The hike back was just as pretty.

We stopped for lunch in Savoy and ate on the shaded deck. This was our view while sitting at out table.

After lunch we headed to Spearfish Falls. The trail was quite easy.

Spearfish Falls was impressive. And the mist felt so good on this very warm day.

We drove north through Spearfish Canyon, the opposite direction from yesterday. In Spearfish, we stopped at the Dakota Quilt Company. It was sort of on the Northern Hills loop.

The ladies working were so kind and we all chatted for a while. I found this neat print that I'll use for a backing.

I loved this little hanging.

Next stop was Sturgis. We saw a few motorcycles but the big rally isn't until August. Fabric Junction was easy to find; it is in part of a house.

The lady working was running both longarm machines at once. She, like one of the ladies at Dakota Quilt Company, is a retired educator. There are people like us all over!

I found this extra wide fabric for backing. I bought the same fabric in the fall of 2017 at Circle of Friends Quilt Shoppe in Thunder Bay, ON. This will definitely be used; what I bought before is all gone.

On our way home, we drove through beautiful Vanocker Canyon.

Tonight we walked beyond 'our' pond to watch the sunset. It is a gorgeous evening with just a little color in the sunset.

We are looking forward to another fun day.


  1. Your days are so full! Every bit of scenery is breathtaking, and all those hikes are sure keeping you in great shape! What a bonus to pop into quilt shops along the way.. You could be our tour guide anytime but you might have to carry us up those hiking trails!

  2. Wow, this trips has been full. I so love the waterfalls and dramatic views. You can always find a quilt shop it the new fabrics.



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