Monday, June 3, 2019


Big Sky
Where the sky is not the limit
It's the view

It's been a beautiful day and very warm. Most of our day was spent in the jeep so I took a few photos through the windows. We traveled from Columbia Falls, Montana, to Bozeman, Montana, via the scenic route.

In case you didn't know, one of Montana's unofficial nicknames is Big Sky Country. It seems as though the sky goes on forever; the views do too.

Our Airbnb rental in Columbia Falls was wonderful and very spacious. I took a few photos outside - the property was so pretty.

After arriving in Bozeman, we got the jeep washed - it looks so much better! That magnesium from the construction on Saturday near East Glacier was a mess. We also visited a mall and walked - we needed exercise and it's very warm outside.

Now we are in our VRBO rental relaxing. This rental is nice - clean, comfortable, and everything we need. It's a 5-star place but not over-the-top like the last few.

Tomorrow is another travel day. We'll head to Wyoming.

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  1. I missed a couple of days and just had to go back and see them. Beautiful....each day is amazing. You are really getting some miles in.



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