Sunday, June 9, 2019

Saturday in the Black Hills

note: no Internet connection Saturday

Collect Moment, 
Not Things

We awoke to a cloudy, cool day with the temperatures in the 40s. We hiked our hosts’ property, walking the old train bed all of the way to the adjacent property owned by the National Forest Service.

You can see our house in this picture I took from the hill. We have a small apartment in the front right corner of this building. It's the apartment our hosts lived in while building their home. 

This was the playground in case we were bored!

On down the track...

A stand of Aspen trees
We didn't climb the hill to the left; a mountain lion lives up there and we thought it best to not go there!

Looking back at the pond.

The rock was shale, I think.
When we returned, our hosts, Doug and Denise, invited us into their home. We spent the rest of the morning visiting. We asked and they gave us suggestions for places to eat lunch. 

We enjoyed lunch at the Deadwood Lodge.  After eating, we decided to donate just a little money to the Lodge via the Casino.  We won a little but lost more. Thank goodness we have limits!

We drove to Historic Main Street and wandered the street. We were in Deadwood about 35 years ago – now there are gaming establishments everywhere with a few t-shirt shops, motels and restaurants interspersed. We bought a few groceries and then headed home through the fog.

We learned a little history...

and even saw a stagecoach.

The rest of my afternoon consisted of a nap, a good book, and not much else – not a bad way to spend a cold, dreary Saturday!

Our VRBO rental is here in Nemo, SD. We loved being out in the country and had superb hosts. Our time in the Black Hills is about over - tomorrow we'll head east.

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