Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories is finished really early or a little late. I think I'll go with really early!😊 I found a fabric panel which I almost never buy when I was on a little shop hop with a friend last fall. I really liked the pictures so I bought a kit. I didn't care for the pattern that came with the kit but thought the kit would give me fabrics that all went well together. When I got home and looked closer at the kit, I found that I really didn't care much for the choice of fabric so I searched my stash and came up with something I liked better. They had a different fabric in each 'plain' area and it was too much of a hodgepodge for me.

Christmas Memories
In addition to the panel, I did use one piece of fabric that was in the kit; the wreaths in the border were on the edge of the wreath fabric I used for part of the backing.

This 48" by 59" quilt will live with us. I used Aurifil #2600 silver thread to free motion quilt open feathers all over this quilt.

I'm looking forward to more quilting tomorrow - the next storm is supposed to move in about 3 hours from now...


  1. This is adorable and I love that your new quilt is living with you! I made one of my first panel quilts this winter and it was also a Christmas red truck panel and was on my lap during all the Hallmark Christmas movies this season! Enjoy!



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