Sunday, January 27, 2019

Squares on Cream looks good

After quite a bit of work, I was able to remove the bleeding reds and blue on Squares on Cream. I used diluted Dawn liquid soap and some that wasn't diluted. I'm not sure this is a new quilt anymore - I think it's been washed eight times and dried in a dryer once. I do think the colors are colorfast now.

This 58" square quilt is now ready for donation. The quilting is done with beige Aurifil. I used a free-motion ruler foot with rulers to stitch some arrows and a walking foot to quilt some longer straight lines.

The striped fabric that I used for the binding was in my stash; it just seemed perfect for this project.

The back is some fabric that I picked up in the UP of Michigan last October.

I designed this quilt last fall. My intent was to use a lot of 2 1/2 inch squares. I decided to use a variety of squares for the 2-square and 4-square groups whereas the 1-square groups would all be red - I was hoping the reds might help draw the quilt together. Well, I don't know if it drew the quilt together but those red blocks are the ones that bled. I guess I had a uniform bleed!

At least the problem ended well. From now on, I'm trying to check my scraps for bleeding. I'm putting the fabric on an old white dish towel. Then I spritz the fabric with water and press with an iron. If the dish towel has any color on it, I know the fabric bleeds. I'm working on a 16-patch scrap quilt and I just found two fabrics that bleed. I'm really glad that I checked!

It is very cold out now and we are expecting another snowstorm tonight. Then the temperatures are to take another dive. We're told to expect -60 degree windchills midweek. Sounds like perfect quilting weather!


  1. Glad you could fix the bleeding on that quilt. I pulled out a red (scrap) from someone else last night, and realized that it hadn't been washed. I grabbed a scrap of white, and tried the water/iron test, and it bled all over the white.

  2. What a beautiful quilt! It is stunning with those vibrant colours. The extra washing only made it softer for the recipient. It will be loved!

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