Friday, February 8, 2019

Next finishes - Yellow Columns and Red White Table Runner

Do you recall the Blue Columns that I finished last month? I have three more two-column pieces so with one set, I made Yellow Columns. It looks a lot like Blue Columns! The straight line stitching with the walking foot is straight across this quilt rather than on a diagonal. The lines are still about 2" apart.
Some of the beautiful sunlight is coming through the curtains.
This donation quilt is 52" by 57" and quilted with 50-weight #1135 yellow Aurifil thread. The back is a blue grunge fabric that I picked up last month. I bought plenty to back a few quilts - it will show up again.


Since I finally bought some Dawn dish soap for the red bleeding on  Squares on Cream, I decided I would work on this table runner. It looks much better but not great. At least it's for me and I can strategically place items on it. I began this as a quilt MANY years ago. When I pulled it out many months ago, I decided I didn't want to finish it - it had lots of problems. Ray suggested I make it into a table runner. It is 54" by 17" and I backed it with some red fabric that I thought was colorfast. That piece of fabric seems to be the evil red in this house! I guess I can say that Red White Table Runner is finally done.

I free motion quilted the table runner with simple flowers in the white spaces and lazy eights in the red/white areas.

I used white Aurifil thread that looks rather pink in places.


Our weather is still weird but the sun has been out some today and the temperatures are just above zero although the wind chill is not. This weekend we will see 3 of our grandsons play hockey. It's been a real hassle getting to games this session due to the weather. We don't try to make all of their games but we do enjoy seeing some. I'm not sure if this is the 5th or 6th week and we have yet to see Grandson G play. More snow is predicted for Sunday so it looks like it will be another great week to quilt!


  1. The column quilt is great inspiration and color! Love what you did with the red and white...perfect for the season. Great solution for a finish.

  2. As usual, you have created a few more beautiful pieces. Great idea for the runner.. Have you already explained how you use the Dawn? I have a Christmas Dresdan plate quilt I made several years ago and I decided to wash it...and yes, even using colour catchers, a couple of the white fabrics now have a slightly pink tinge to them. I am the only one that noticed it so I had decided just to accept those pinky blades, but maybe there is something I could do?

  3. I like the table runner. We have a lovely covering of snow. I'm hoping the icy rain doesn't show up.



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