Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Blue Camel, donuts, and crazy weather

We've been staying pretty close to home. We are getting some type of weather warning almost daily. Last week began with snow - lots of snow. Then Tuesday and Wednesday were very cold. We had close to -60 degree wind chills and we broke all-time records for cold. On Friday we took my Jeep to be serviced and it felt almost 100 degrees warmer! It was a balmy 40 degrees and we had flood warnings. The temperatures on the weekend were decent but it was extremely foggy. Last night we had an ice storm. And would you believe we are getting another one as I write this. Crazy weather!

I've been quilting and knitting and baking and cooking. Oh, and don't forget the exercising - that's the way my day begins and it is working well.  Today was my first attempt at making baked donuts! The recipe made 6. These are the 2 that are left (remember only 2 people live here) so they aren't bad! And I will definitely be exercising in the morning. I only made half of the glaze and think that could have been cut down more. 

I finished this donation quilt that I named Blue Camel. It's not my usual bright colors but some trusted young ladies told me they liked it and I needed to finish it for the Children's Hospital. 

I used leftover blue and camel colored pieces from different jelly rolls. It's about 46" by 56 1/2". I think this view shows the dimensions better.

I free motion quilted this with a loopy pattern using 50-weight Aurifil thread - #2523 beige on the top and #2784 navy on the bottom.

The back is navy.

I am making lots of progress on my list of UFOs. I think three quilts just need binding sewn down. I have one ready to quilt and two that need a little work before they are sandwiched. 

SO... I started a couple of new quilts! I think that is normal, right??? My drawer with kids prints is very full and I decided to make a couple of quilts to use up some of them. So I have a couple of simple quilts in mind and have done a little cutting and sewing.

Sounds like tomorrow will be ice and sleet with a high chance of quilting.


  1. I know this years' weather is so mixed up....we are to be over 70 today and freeze tomorrow night with tons of rain next week. I saw your wind chills we low, so I knew you had to be sewing. Love the blue and tan quilt! It is a great color combo.

  2. Some boy will love that quilt. Hey, more snow on Sunday......winter will be over some day......maybe by June???

  3. Does the pattern have a name or was it something you thought of yourself? It looks like one I'd like to make. Love those colors.

  4. Carroll, I don't use many patterns. A block is 4 colored pieces sewn together in a stack with 2 light colored pieces sewn perpendicular on the sides. I hope that makes sense. ~Jeanne



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