Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pink and Turquoise Star

I was looking for a quilt that used 2 1/2" squares and saw a picture of Bonnie Hunter's Tumalo Trail quilt. I made a lot of changes but it was definitely the inspiration for my Pink and Turquoise Star

I finished putting this 58" X 58" quilt top together at a retreat in November but just quilted it this past week. I machine quilted the larger white areas with a walking foot 

and free motion quilted a paisley motif in the 'points' of each star. 

When I began quilting, I decided to use up some Aurifil 40-weight #2600 silver thread. I was about 85% done when I ran out of thread. I really thought I had enough. We live in a rural area and I had 3 choices - take a road trip to try to find matching 40-weight thread, order online and wait, or use some Aurifil 50-weight #2615 silver thread that I happen to own. I chose the latter and I'm amazed at how well it blended in. I only had to use it in 4 1/2 star points where I was free-motion quilting. It would have been more noticeable if I was stitching with the walking foot.

This donation quilt has Dream Cotton batting. The backing is some fabric that I found on sale at Primitive Gatherings when we stopped there in October. I bought what was left on the bolt and still have enough for another quilt back.

We had a few inches of snow last night and the sun is now shining. We are enjoying a beautiful, but cold, winter day.

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  1. Nice quilt. I usually run out of bobbin thread (when I'm almost done). It's snowing here now, and lots expected Sunday/Monday. I'm tired of the snow, especially since I have to drive in it now. I liked it better when it was an excuse to sew all day.



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