Friday, January 25, 2019

A couple more finishes...

Well, the first finish isn't really done - it bled! I used a color catcher but . . . 

I certainly cannot donate it in this state. This is one problem when making scrap quilts. My stash includes not only my fabric but also many pieces that I've been gifted. I don't wash every little piece of fabric and once in a while it comes back to haunt me. Ugh! I do have a couple of ideas and will be doing more work on this. 

The second finish is Pink Rails. Last April, I made a jelly roll race quilt, Pretty in Pink, for a baby girl. I trimmed the quilt to make it a good size for a baby. With the leftover pieces and a little extra fabric, I put together Pink Rails. I think the texture in the quilt makes the photo look a little blurry.

This donation quilt is 50" square and has Dream Cotton batting. I used 50-weight #2600 silver Aurifil thread to do the free motion quilting. I did the carnation motif which is very relaxing to free-motion. 

The back is the same fabric that I used for Pink and Turquoise Star. 

We had another snowstorm Tuesday - Wednesday. We got some freezing rain and about 7 more inches of snow. Later Wednesday, the sun came out for a beautiful winter day. Then the temperature began dropping and by last night we had a -30 degree wind chill. Today our schools are out again with the very cold wind chills. Sadly we are being told this will look warm by next week!


  1. Try some blue Dawn dish detergent on the dye bleed. Then wash as normal. Dawn had a mordant in it and helps dye bleeding.

  2. One of the reasons that I seldom use scraps, unless they come from my yardage. Not fun to work so hard then have it bleed. Stay warm. Not sure how much snow we'll be getting overnight (they keep changing the totals). Not looking forward to high of -12, and low of -27. Brrr....



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