Sunday, January 6, 2019


We headed to American Family Children's Hospital (aka University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital) a few days ago. I had 24 quilts to drop off. With the 10 that I took in June, that's 34 for 2018. 
24 quilts ready for Children's Hospital
On that same day we stopped by Pilgrim's Pantry, a Mennonite bulk food store near South Wayne, Wisconsin. The ladies of their church make charity quilts and are always in need of fabric. I had a little over 38 yards of fabric that I didn't think I'd use so I left it off for them. They were delighted to get some large pieces to use for quilt backs.
38.5 yards of fabric for Pilgrim's Pantry ladies
Life is falling into a routine around here. Most days I exercise (even though I'd just as soon not 😊 but I do feel good so I'll keep it up) and I QUILT! I was working on a scrappy trip around the world but opted for this quilt a few days ago. I had designed/planned it and kitted it in November. It just needs borders now. 

I have at least 13 quilts in progress. It's always nice to have  choices!


  1. You are such a day brightener with all your quilt donations. That is an amazing total for the year. Spread the love. Love Bulk stores....especially the soup bases. I keep a supply on hand. New quilt is so cheerful.

  2. Congratulations on making these gorgeous quilts! I love how you share your passion with those who could use a hug. And what a great place you’ve found to donate your fabric. Your generousity is so inspiring!

  3. Love hearing about your donation quilts and they are always so bright and cheerful! I know whomever is lucky to get one will cherish it with lots of snuggles.

  4. I'm betting those 13 quilts will be done quickly.



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