Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bright Log Cabin and Tank

I love this quilt and it's a good thing . . .

I usually quilt quilts in fourths. The first two quarters went fine. I took a break and then did the third one which I thought went well. When I finished it, I looked at the back and there were major tension issues. Sorry no pictures; I might have been busy muttering words 😒. I ripped out miles? of stitches. Many came out easily and others did not. I had to fix it - I love this quilt!

In the bright sunshine
I then thoroughly cleaned my machine - yes, the same one I just got back. I rethreaded and changed the needle. The quilting then went okay. I'm not sure what's going on - this machine wants to be thoroughly cleaned at least every half hour. It's time may be limited! I've always cleaned my machine before starting a project and after every bobbin but it appears that I'll be cleaning this one more often.

It took a while but Bright Log Cabin is finished. All of the pieces in the quilt are scraps - even the 'whites'. I got the idea for this quilt from Amanda Jean who blogs at 

This 54" square quilt is probably a donation quilt but I'm not sure. I love this quilt! 

I used 50-wt white Aurifil thread to quilt a loop de loop pattern. The batting is Dream Cotton.

I picked fabric for the backing when I began this project but eventually decided it was too dark. I thought the orange dot looked good. When I was ready for the binding, I realized the binding I had made was a red dot matching the center of each log cabin block. I didn't think that was the best choice with the orange on the back. Since I had plenty of the orange, I used that.

I do love this one!


Meet Tank, technically Teeny Tiny Tank. He arrived this past week and now lives with us. He keeps busy helping me keep my studio clean, especially one sewing machine. I've wanted a small vacuum for a long time and even tried a cordless one once. It did not work very well. Tank does a good job and I'm happy to share my space with him.


Before I began cleaning out and cutting up my fabric scraps, I went through them and cut pieces for a Dream Weaver quilt, a Missouri Star pattern. Here is the one block I have together. 

All of the pieces are in a project bag. One of these days I'll do some sewing . . .


  1. I have to agree with you - I LOVE that quilt!! I'm not usually a fan of brights, but this makes me want to run out and buy a carload of them!! Great job.

  2. So pretty! Bright as a summer day, and looks cuddly!
    Ugh the tension issues. Sounds like your know the culprit /problem being lint. Doesn't take much to throw the tension off, just a bit under the catch spring will do me in too. Hope she settles in to work regularly for you:)

  3. Your bright log cabin has turned out beautifully! Reminds me that I was going to work on a log cabin one of these days... :) xx

  4. Nice quilt. Never fun to rip out stitches. Tank needs to be in my sewing room right now, with all the crazy quilt block strings all over the place.



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