Friday, June 14, 2013

Snowman Quilt - done!

The flannel Snowman Quilt is finished. I bought the fabric as a kit and began this quilt in January. Then it just sat and waited.... I put the borders on in February and it just sat and waited. I finally pinned it this past week and it just sat and waited but not long! I quilted it a couple of days ago.

My inspiration for the quilting came from this carpet pattern. This was the carpet in out room at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare in April.

I spent a lot of time in our room quilting while Ray was at Nikon School and the carpet just intrigued me so I took photos.

I quilted this with a walking foot - it was a little hard to move around with all of the curved stitching. Next time I think I will just free-motion quilt it. I do like the texture of the quilt.

I hope you can see the texture:

Here is a photo of the back.

The patterns is Yellow Brick Road. The flannel is oh, so soft!


  1. Very pretty! It adds such great texture to the quilt.

  2. Ok, as a handquilter, I have to ask. How is using the walking foot different than free motion quilting? I thought the walking foot was used for free motion quilting?

  3. What a great quilt! Love how you chose the carpet design for your quilting...a great idea!



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