Thursday, June 27, 2013

A dilemma

I watched the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial about The Big Star Quilt last fall. At the very end, Jenny Doan mentions using two charm packs for the project instead of a layer cake. I liked the quilt and just had to try it. I think I started this in late fall of 2012.

It was one of those projects that keeps getting put aside for other things - that is the only explanation!

This small quilt will be used as a table topper. It is about 30" X 40". I machine quilted it with a large stipple. I think it would have been neat to use gold metallic thread.
Of course, you have to have gold metallic thread to be able to use it!

Notice the secondary design - the gold units in between the stars. Don't you just love secondary designs - I do! 
And then I saw a problem! OOPS!

Pretty obvious error!
And then a SECOND problem!
The top triangle on the left is wrong!
The quilt is totally done even laundered. What should I do?  I'm thinking the problems won't show when I use it but I know they are there... a dilemma for sure!


  1. Let it be and move on!!! I love it!!! (or send it this way? Just sayin', ha!)

    1. Great minds think alike - I'm thinking the same way...not about sending it your way though! lol. If I do tear it apart, it is going in a pile and may never be seen again! ~Jeanne

  2. One of my favorite quilts, a round robbin quilt, has a corner HST turned wrong in it. I was in the middle of hand quilting it when my son pointed it out to me. I chose to just leave it alone. No one else has ever noticed it.



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