Friday, June 28, 2013

Crazy Eights Finished!

This is a "free" quilt - it is made entirely from my stash! But my stash didn't diminish in size???!!! I really like this quilt - it is bright and cheery. It is a little bigger than 50" square.

The whole quilt is machine quilted with feathers except for a wavy line in the small white inner border. I learned LOTS! I did the borders first and my feathers are too skinny. The interior of the quilt is much better. I'm glad I finally decided to just go for it - next time will be even better.

 The back is large scraps in the same colors as the front.
Crazy eights is a donation quilt. I hope it brings joy to some young person.


  1. Your Crazy Eights quilt turned out just great! I'm sure that the youngster that receives this will just love it!

  2. That quilt is so happy! I love it!!! It will brighten the home it finally goes to for sure! Great job on that one.........

    1. Thanks D - I like it too but will pass it along. If I kept everyone I liked, I wouldn't give any away! And I think this one doesn't have any piecing errors! ~Jeanne

  3. This quilt is stunning, and will certainly be loved by the recipient. Well done!

  4. How cute and bright! Some kid will be very happy!

  5. That quilt is simply adorable!! So simple, yet so stunning ... I'm sure it will be a hit with the recipient!



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