Thursday, June 20, 2013

Old Friends

It takes a long time to grow an old friend. 
- John Leonard

We are having a great time and lots of laughs! We are staying in a farmhouse in southern Wisconsin. I'll show you pictures of the house one day soon.

Colleen doesn't get around too easily - she's had both hips replaced in the last couple of years and is recovering. Bonnie and I enjoy our morning walks on the farm and around this small village.
Community Center  was originally school in 1850s
We have been touring some of the small towns and cities that surround us - visiting small shops, spending money, eating ...
At Cherry Berry - very, very good!
My DIL Emily came Wednesday morning and did a Norwex party for us. We all use Norwex but none of us has ever been to a party. It was fun and we learned lots! Watching Emily clean the oven door, part of a granite surface, and the rust off of a sink was quite impressive. Now we can't wait for our orders to arrive. When Emily was demonstrating how the dust mitt worked, she had a hard time finding dust - our rental house is clean!

We play table shuffleboard, a new game to me, and darts. Table shuffleboard is fun and the strategy reminds me of curling. I even won a few games! I'm not very good at darts but at least I hit the board sometimes! Bonnie and Colleen are much better players at both shuffleboard and darts! 

Bonnie was interested in my knitting - I was working on a donation hat. Colleen and I decided that crocheting was easier to learn so one day we went in search of yarn and the lessons began. The first lesson was one night after some wine and just resulted in giggles. The second try was more productive!

I seldom drink wine but these two usually find something that is pretty good so I join them.

Every so often I like to ride the giraffe - it's something I never get to do at home!


  1. It looks like you all are having a fabulous time!

  2. That giraffe photo is priceless! Looks like a great time with great friends.

  3. Looks like you and your friends are having fun catching up. I just read your last 2 blog entries. I noticed the quotes at the top. My slightly dyslexic reading thought it said John Lennon as the quoter.When I read the second one, I realized it said John Leonard. I will have to google him. Not sure who he is.



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