Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh, What a Night!

Oh, What a Night and other great music!

Tuesday night we were at the Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin to see the Jersey Boys. It was fantastic! It truly was Oh, What a Night!
Jersey Boys is a musical where "the story dramatizes the forming, rise and eventual break-up of the original four members of The Four Seasons".(words from Wikipedia) Of course the music is phenomenal!

We had a gift certificate to the Overture Center and decided on this musical. We had never been to the Center and it is wonderful - we'll definitely go back! Our seats were in the Mezzanine. Notice on our tickets - one of us was in the Left Mezzanine and the other in the Right Mezzanine - that means we were sitting dead center right next to each other! Our seats were perfect!
Before the show, I took a couple of photos. The stage wasn't nearly as far away as it looks in the photo! This was our view to the right 
and to the left. I could not take a picture straight on - the lights messed with the camera.

We stayed at The Inn On The Square in Madison, right by the Capitol. That means we were 3-4 blocks from the Overture Center and could walk.
 I took these pictures on our walk 'home'. 
It was about the time of night when the Northern Lights were seen in parts of Minnesota and Illinois but not in downtown Madison ;(
Even without the aurora borealis, it was a wonderful evening!


  1. I would love to see Jersey Boys! Sounds like not only did you see a great show, but you had a wonderful evening ... that walk back to your hotel had to be fantastic. Too bad you didn't see the Northern Lights ... it would have been a perfect way to end a fantastic evening.

  2. We're hoping to see this one in the spring - I know it must have been wonderful. blessings, marlene



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