Monday, November 12, 2012

A weekend of volleyball and hockey

We traveled to Illinois State University last Thursday for our annual outing - the Illinois High School State Volleyball Finals. We enjoyed dinner with some ‘old’ friends on Thursday night, eating at Avanti’s. Good! We saw some incredible volleyball matches both Friday and Saturday.
Ray holding program
We always sit in the same spot and there are a few around us that do the same – we have gotten to know each other over the years. It is always fun to reconnect. One group that sits near us now have children that are in their 20s – we’ve watched these kids grow up! 

Our View
The usher in our section is Betty, an older lady whom we fondly call “Eagle Eye”. She runs a tight ship and doesn’t let people stand or sit on the steps. She greets us warmly each year and spends time visiting. I just found out that she drives a little red convertible! She and I share a love of Sudoku puzzles - this year she gave me a Chicago Times puzzle to do – one of the hardest ones!

We ate our share of junk food. Just couldn't pass on the dippin' dots!

I decided that I would knit at the games instead reading. There is lots of time between matches, during timeouts, etc. I was knitting a hat and was ready to start the decreasing. The stitch markers were at the motel so I improvised!

Yup, those are gum wrappers as stitch markers!
We got up early Sunday to head to Wisconsin to see Grandson Mack play in his very first hockey games. This little guy LOVES hockey! He got his stick on the puck a few times and even had a couple of break aways - so exciting! He is one of the youngest (at 5 years-old) and smallest on his team. I think the age goes up to 8 but the grouping of teams is done by age AND ability.

Mack has 'played' for two years - which means he spent time learning to skate and doing drills. This year he's moved up to a 'competitive' level where they play 20-minute games with other teams. They just play to play - no score is kept! It is really fun to watch - the kids obviously love the game!

It was a great weekend of sports! 


  1. Wow! You have covered a bit of territory! Sounds like a whole lot of fun......reconnecting always is! Driving is my fave mode of transportation (as long as the weather holds!!!!!).

    1. We had a great time and I'm so glad we made it back in time for the hockey game - one's very first game only happens once! We left Bloomington in 67 degree weather. The rain/snow began as we left the hockey game. Almost perfect timing! ~Jeanne

  2. A travel-filled, sports-filled weekend for you. Sounds like you had a great time. Back home now to rest up?



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