Friday, November 30, 2012

Nov/Dec Journey 2012 Part 1

We are on the road again!

Day one was spent driving - actually Ray drove and I knitted. I haven't made a sweater in about 25 years! And then it was sweaters for the boys. Now, I'm making one for me!

Day two we woke up to snow - just 1/4" or so. The roads were totally clear as we headed out and it was pretty. We spent part of that day and the next walking and shopping in Nashville, Indiana. One evening we ate dinner in Nashville at Big Woods Pizza. GOOD!

The whole town was decorated for Christmas. One afternoon we found a fabric store but it was closed. I looked in the window and a lady opened the door and invited us in. 
This was a brand new shop set to open in a couple of days but instead they opened right then and I was their first customer! I found things (surprise!) and the owner gave me a nice discount!

We stayed at the Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County State Park. They have a water park and great hiking trails. We enjoyed both!

We stopped in Berea, Kentucky on our way south. It is so neat to walk around the Boone Tavern area. We enjoyed lunch and did lots of looking!

Later in the day we arrived at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park and stayed at the Dupont Lodge. We went to see the falls before dinner and then went back at 8 PM to see the moonbow. 

The best viewing would be from 8 - 10 PM so we were there from 8 to about 10. No moonbow! Almost all the conditions were right - full moon, clear night, plenty of mist from the falls - but there was haze and evidently enough haze to stop the needed light from the moon. ;( It was a beautiful night to spent outside talking to a few other hardy souls! And we really enjoyed the fireplace when we returned to the lodge!

Today has been a long day of traveling and we are now in Durham, NC, ready to spend the weekend with some friends. 

I've just spent over an hour trying to clear photos out of Picasa - how could I have exceeded my quota??!


  1. Sounds like you're having fun. Give the Takahashi's our best wishes and tell them we think of them often. Safe travels. ~ Sandy

  2. Thanks Sandy -
    We are on our way to the Takahashi's in about an hour - can't wait to see them! ~Jeanne

  3. Sigh....That sounds so lovely!! Enjoy!! My latest blog post shows you what's happenin' here. It's 43F right now and that's not bad for this time of year!!!

    1. Great time! Great weather! I vote for no snow until after we get home! ~Jeanne

  4. Oh my, just lovely! Have a safe trip!



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