Sunday, November 25, 2012

November Quilt Square Quilt Along

The pattern that Jo chose for November was this one 

from Lori Smith’s #6 Quilt Square pattern.

I machine quilted this in a cross hatch pattern.
The back.
There will be no quilting here for awhile. In the morning, we head out on a 3 week journey. Along the way we'll visit some family, visit some friends, do a little hiking, and do some sightseeing. I might even get a chance to blog once in a while! I can't quilt because I have nothing that is small enough to work on right now. So I'll be knitting - wonder if I can get my sweater anywhere near done...


  1. That is just so, so cute! How big is it? I love the smaller quilts ... maybe one day when I'm done with all my quilting "assignments", I'll make a couple of smaller quilts - just for the fun of it.

    Have a safe trip!

    1. This is another 12" square. Even though there are many pieces, they are rather quick to make and I always use my stash. Are we ever done with our quilting "assignments"???! I just sneak in other things along the way!

  2. Enjoy!!! Will wait for the travelog when you return!!!

    1. Thanks - we will! If I find some time, I'll update a little on the road! ~Jeanne

  3. Your block looks great! Safe travels!



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