Monday, November 19, 2012

A Special QOV and More

Last Monday we celebrated Veteran's Day. This Monday (today) I had the honor of presenting a Quilt of Valor to my brother, Tom, a Vietnam veteran. He was exposed to Agent Orange and like many others, has some major health problems as a result.

I decided to make him a quilt and finally started it last April. You may remember seeing some pictures while I was at a retreat. After I finished piecing it, I needed more practice at free-motion quilting before I tried a good-sized quilt.  I finally decided that it was time.
Tom's quilt
"May this quilt serve you throughout your life as you served us. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and your valor for our country."


And now the rest of this story. Tom received his draft notice when he and Sandy returned home from their honeymoon. What a sad time that was. Sandy, who now has her own health issues, is also enduring his. I decided she also needed a quilt so I made her a Great Woman Quilt. (You know - Behind every great man, there is a great woman!) There is no national registry but maybe there should be!
Sandy's quilt
"May this quilt serve you throughout your life. Thank you for your devotion, your sacrifice, and your love for my brother and our family."


  1. Both are beautiful quilts. I'm sure that they feel the love and care that you put into those quilts. And I agree ... a Great Woman Quilt registry is a wonderful idea whose time has surely come!

  2. Jeanne, I write this with tears. Such a wonderful tribute!! Funny, I was thinking just the other day that there are many who came before the QOV program and are in need of such an #2 son, for instance who spent considerable time in the Persian Gulf during that last beach assault that came at the end of the war. Will be my next project after the holidays. Thanksgiving blessings to you, Ray and the family~~hugs, D

    1. I think I shed more tears making these two quilts than I ever have making quilts! I think all of our vets deserve quilts, even those without visible injuries. My brother's hurt was hidden for years (like most - they never seem to talk about their time overseas) and then the visible parts like Parkinson's and diabetes start appearing. I just hate that now Tom lives with the memories AND the hassles/pain of these diseases. I'm glad you are going to make your son a quilt - be sure to register it and show it to us! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your whole family. ~Jeanne



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