Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zaandam Cruise - part 3

Some interesting things:

1. About 2 hours into our cruise, the Captain said there was a medical emergency. A boat had to dock with the ship and the patient was off-loaded.

2. We saw the firemen practicing one day in full uniform!

3. The next day there was a fire on board! Those firemen had it taken care of in no time!

4. We finally say the movie The Hunger Games.

5. After the movie, we were outside on the deck and met 2 couples that live 30 minutes from us!

6. We watched the National Park Service boat dock with the ship and watched the Park Ranger leave our ship.

7. We did the 5K for Breast Cancer.  That was 12 trips around the deck. I might have been a few short!

8. You can always tell the day of the week by the carpet in the elevators. They have the day of the week on them!

9. Most of the crew are from Indonesia and the Philippines and work 10 months contracts – that is 12 hour days 7 days a week! And they still smile!


  1. Love your cruise posts! Some day I'll be on a cruise to Alaska. My hubby was stationed there for 4 years a long time ago and would love to go back and visit. Of course... I'd have to hit those quilt shops!

  2. Having never been on a cruise, I am absolutely loving your journaling/posts! Sounds like a great idea (day-of-the-week carpet in the elevator) that could be used at our house.....the blurring of days seems to be happening a lot since I retired, too!!!! LOL!



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