Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alaska - the interior - part 2

I think we've found a little piece of Heaven - of course the sun is shining - that might influence us a little! Our two-bedroom cabin is on Teack Lake. We have 2 bedrooms, a bath, kitchen, and a small living/dining room. The building to the left is our sitting room. This is all 'ours'.
Here's a view more from the front (although the lake is really in the front and I did not stand in the lake!). Maybe you can see our fire pit too.

Teack Lake is a private lake owned by just three or four families. Our hosts, Ted and Elaina own 40 acres - they have the majority of land here. 

Both Ted and Elaina are hunters, big game hunters. Their collection of hunting trophies is quite impressive. The water buffalo from Africa is huge. Ted returned from a hunt this morning with caribou. They are super nice people and we would gladly return here.

We can see Redoubt Volcano

and some other mountains across the lake. At 10:30 PM we can still see reflections in the lake. This setting is absolutely gorgeous. The weather is wonderful - cool and calm.

One night we ate in Soldotna at Buckets, a sports bar. The deep fried halibut was delicious!

What a gorgeous drive it was to Homer! The scenery was fantastic. I think there are four volcanoes and many mountain ranges. We saw a cow moose and her calf.  Homer is a unique community - kind of a throw back to the 60s. The quilt shop, The Sew-ciable Quilt, is really nice. Homer Spit is a little more commercialized but fun to see.

Kenai and Soldotna are bigger communities with more restaurants/bakeries and shopping but not the kind of shopping we are used to. There is an abundance of shopping available for sporting goods and outdoor activities. The malls are quite small and we never found a downtown shopping area. Both communities had quilt shops! Robin Place Fabrics in Soldotna was a great little shop. Kenai Fabric Center in Kenai was full - almost too much fabric for the space! I found wonderful fabric everywhere! 


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. Who knew that there were so many quilt shops in Alaska! ;-)



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