Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A fun weekend with grandsons

Grandsons Mack and Griffy came to visit all day Saturday and stayed over. We had a great time!

On Saturday morning, they painted. It seems that they paint or make cookies every time they come!

When painting, they usually wear one of my old t-shirts as a cover-up.

They played on their scooters. We had to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. We also went for a walk and played with bubbles.

When Grandpa finally got home, they checked out the secret passage between the trunk and backseat in my car.

We headed downtown for lunch and then went to Pilgrim's Pantry for their 10th anniversary celebration. After a fun hayride that included balloons, a noisy tractor, a bumpy ride, and meeting some really cute kids, the boys went to see the new calves with one of the new friends.

Then it was time for homemade ice cream. The boys didn't want pie but Ray couldn't pass on the pecan nor I on the bumbleberry!

We went back home for a nap and some quiet time. Then more playing, dinner, and a night out at the local library movie night. We sat under the stars on a gorgeous night and watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". They both managed to stay awake for the whole show!

Then it was time for bed - on the floor in the family room. We had two very tired boys who even slept in Sunday morning! It was a wonderful time and no tears! At one point, Griffy told me it was okay to hug and kiss him! 

We are so glad that some of our grandchildren live close enough to have a sleep over. 

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  1. Having the grands over for a sleepover is such a fun time, isn't it? It's been so hot this summer that when the Ts are here, it's just been to miserable to get out and do anything fun.



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