Saturday, August 18, 2012

Vancouver - Day 1

It was a great plane trip to Vancouver except we had to get up very early in the morning! After the storms in Chicago, we got above the clouds and eventually the skies cleared somewhat. It was exciting to see Mount Rainier.

Once in Vancouver, things went so smoothly - customs, getting luggage, grabbing a taxi. Our 'home' was even ready when we arrived early. Our stay at The Lord Stanley has been wonderful. Our little apartment - about 600 square feet - is actually very functional. We have a bedroom, living room (sun was so bright the picture is dark - sorry)

a full bath, a kitchen with a built-in table,

office area, and a sitting room which is perfect for our luggage.
I found it on for about $100/night cheaper than renting direct! The location is perfect - right in the heart of everything. About a block away there is a United Nations of restaurants! The Safeway grocery store is 1 1/2 blocks. Stanley Park Lost Lagoon is 1 1/2 blocks. 

We spent the first afternoon finding a place for lunch and wondering around. I forgot that places just open up to the weather. This a picture of Fatburgers - a great place for lunch!

The weather has been extremely hot for here - mid 90s! The forecast a week ago said 70s so we didn't pack shorts. On the way to Chicago, I checked the weather and we decided to bring the shorts we were wearing that day. Anyway, it is nice to have a washer and dryer because I wash those shorts every night!


  1. I love that photo of Mt. Rainier ... reminds me of the photo I was able to take of Mt. Hood when we flew into Portland 3 years ago. How nice to have a little apartment to stay in ... room to spread out.

  2. Hit enter too soon ... and with an apartment, you have a washer and dryer ... so you can wash those shorts every night. ;-)



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