Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Zaandam Cruise - part 2

We stopped at three ports on our way north.

First port was Ketchikan. 

We walked miles that day! A lady told us that Ketchikan is an island with 15,000 people and only 30 miles of road!
 We saw many of the totem poles.
 They are all around town.

Second port of call was Juneau. We took a photo safari trip on a boat just like this. (We were on our boat so I couldn't take a picture of it!) We had 7 people, our guide Annie and our driver Jim.
 We saw many humpback whales.
 Later we spent time on land hiking in the Tongass National Forest. Look at the size of the leaf that Annie is holding!
 We hiked to Mendenhall Glacier. Yeah - it was a cloudy, rainy day! And we were drenched by the time we got back to the ship. But we had a great time!
 Later in the day we took a pictures of Juneau from the ship.

Our third port was Skagway. We visited quilt shops at every port, of course! - this one is in Skagway.
 This building is made of driftwood.
 The old buildings are really interesting.

Even though the weather has been less than desirable, we had a wonderful trip! 

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  1. I never had a desire to go to Alaska. I'm not much for cold weather, but it looks like an interesting place to see. Have fun on your travels:)



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