Monday, March 30, 2009


I decided last night that this job wouldn't be too bad - at least 20 hours a week and no homework. Well, today was interesting! They want us to work 40 hours a week and this week I do have homework (which I get paid to do). Evidently they don't have enough employees????! My homework is now done and my timesheet has been transmitted.

Ray survived his admin day just fine - all of the forms and getting fingerprinted. I am one day ahead and got my new handheld computer today. It is cool! I love the fingerprint password! (Although I have had some trouble getting in and have been locked out once! - remember I'm at a slight disadvantage with only 9 good fingers) Can't wait to use the built-in GPS. I will be verifying addresses and updating maps. I think that is all I can tell you without killing you!

I'm working with some interesting people - I know of at least two others that are after Medicare quarters just like Ray and I are.

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