Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last couple of days

Friday morning we visited my mom and found her doing pretty good. Then we (two of my brothers, their wives, Ray, and I) had a scheduled meeting about my mom at her facility. After the meeting, we all went out for a long lunch. It was nice to just sit and visit. Ray and I spent the rest of the day catching up on shopping. We went out to dinner with everyone else in Rockford that evening. (I can't believe how packed the restaurants are in that city!)

We spent the night in a motel and got up to rain Saturday morning. As we ate breakfast at the motel, we visited with a family from Ontario. Their children were about the same ages as our two oldest grandchildren and they were on their way to Oma's. I think their father said it was a 2200 mile trip! After stopping at Target (one last errand) and Quilter's Haven (a favorite quilt shop), we stopped to visit mom. She was actually doing quite well.

Then we were off to the Polar Plunge. We met up with Emily and Mack and eventually with Brent. Their were lots of people so it was hard to see but I did get a glimpse of Brent going into the water - he said later that it was cold enough to take his breath away. We got soaked (from the rain) and quite muddy from the dirt and sand (and holding Mack - he needed to see too!).

These photos were taken in the tent before the Plunge.

After getting home and cleaning up, we headed for the Apple River Stagecoach Event Center (for the 3rd Saturday night in a row!). We had a good dinner - pulled pork and more. Then the Gamemaster Show began. Harris Kal was there.
We had a great time: we competed with others as we played games at our table - the Millionaire Game, making lists, and Family Feud. We had more active games: Brett and Krista
did the Electric Slide, Wayne and Brett did a Disco dance, Francis played the air guitar, Ray and I did a swing dance, Brett did the "musical chairs" contest,
Ray was sexy, our whole team did the chicken dance, and more! Overall, our team came in third (out of maybe 25) and most of us didn't even have to make big fools of ourselves! Our MVP was definitely 'Stripes'.

Now the time has changed and we way overslept this morning - glad that my brother called or we may have slept until noon! Think I'll make cookies this afternoon.

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