Saturday, April 4, 2009

One full week of work down - ?? to go

Well, the first full week is in the books! My team finally got to go out in the field Friday. My partner and I were somewhere in the country in Ogle county. It was neat to use the GPS on my hand held computer. Our work went well and we "graduated" so we begin solo on Monday (if the weather isn't too bad). Our team leaders bought pizza and ice cream on Friday which was really nice! The only complaints I have are the alarm clock every morning and too little quilting time. The plus side - I will get most if not all of my quarters for Medicare and I may get rich from my mileage checks!

Ray finished today. They were out in the field as a whole team. He will begin solo when there is work to verify (so teams like mine have to get busy!).

I spent today visiting my mom and sister-in-law Annie. Annie had her hip replaced Monday and is in a rehab center for a few days. I can't believe how well she is doing!

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun. How far are you having to travel? We all went and visited grandma on Saturday.



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