Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally going to work...

Ray and I are both going to training tomorrow for the Census Bureau. Ray will go to Lanark, IL and I am going to Forreston, IL. We just got the calls late Saturday telling us when and where to report.

Overall, it was nice to be home last week. We had time to visit my mom. We enjoyed entertaining family yesterday - Ron (Ray's brother from Iowa), Carli, Bruce, Madalyn, Spencer (niece and family from Iowa), Ray's parents, and Brent, Emily, and Mack. Emily grabbed my camera and took lots of pictures.

Spencer gave himself that black eye!

Mack and Madalyn found a quiet spot for talking!

My cold is gone (hurray)! My finger is healing and the wound is getting smaller - the finger is "closing up". I have some phantom pain otherwise it only hurts when the end is touched.

So we are setting an alarm for early tomorrow morning...


  1. Of course, you're coming my way and I'll bein Freeport! Where on earth in Forreston do they do census bureau training?



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