Thursday, March 12, 2009

Really going to work!

I need to make $4360 this year to get 4 Social Security quarters. For those of you that don't know, teachers in Illinois in our era did not pay Social Security taxes. Since neither of us paid in 40 quarters, neither of us qualify for Social Security (which we can't collect anyway because of our Illinois pension) nor for Medicare. Now the problem is - when we reach Medicare age, our health insurance is going to triple in cost if we don't have Medicare. So...we need to get our 40 quarters. Once one of us has them, the other will also be covered. In the meantime, we both have to work toward getting the quarters. This year $1090 in earnings constitute one quarter and you can only accumulate 4 quarters in 1 year.

So, I begin with the Census Bureau on Tuesday, March 17 - guess I should wear green! And today I was just offered a job scoring math tests for Pearson testing. It is a short intense job - only 100 hours or so over about 3 weeks. I think I might make enough in my 14 weeks with the Census Bureau but just to be sure, I think I'll try test scoring too ... I think that during the three weeks that overlap, I'll really be working!!!


  1. And what will you be doing for the census bureau?

  2. I am an enumerator?!?!?! This year we are doing "pre-census" work. Guess I'll know more in the next couple of weeks.



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