Monday, March 23, 2009


I am a klutz!!! This morning I had a couple of extra minutes so I decided to cut some photos apart. I had printed them a couple of days ago. So I went upstairs to my cutting table, got one of my old rotary cutters that I use for paper, and started cutting. I'm not sure what I was doing besides hurrying but all of a sudden - pain! I managed to cut off the very tip of the middle finger of my left hand and the fingernail. Ouch! Ray put a compression bandage on it to stop the bleeding. It bled some during the day and when I got home, I decided to remove the bandage and see how bad it was - big mistake. I now have a big compression bandage on it and it still throbs! I wonder what would have happened if I'd been using a rotary cutter with a good blade???

I'm looking into Kevlar gloves...

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