Friday, July 27, 2018

Summer Retreat

It was another fun summer retreat! Isn't it always wonderful to sew with friends? Well this time was no different and there was LOTS of laughing, fun, inspiration, visiting, eating, and, of course, sewing.

I'll start with some of the amazing quilts:

There was this amazing Christmas stocking finish:

Many of us ended with works in progress:
That is a 2.5" square in the photo for perspective on the size of the pieces.

I worked on four different projects. The first three still need borders:

I finished a number of garlic knots.

Deb gifted me her Kaffe Fassett scraps. Yes!!

One night Polly fixed Hawaiian Stack Ups with homemade teriyaki sauce. So, so good!


I was exhausted last night. One would have thought that I really worked hard at the retreat! After I got home, we headed out to do errands, get my new glasses, and then went to a different town to pick up our CSA share. 

Today we made a trip to a favorite Amish farm and picked up corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and cabbage. We cut and froze about 50 ears of corn; we roasted and froze about 3/4  of a bushel of tomatoes. The other peck of tomatoes is in the dehydrator.

My favorite photographer piled the sweet corn for a photo so I took one too!

Tomorrow I need to take care of our CSA share and some other produce. That won't take very long so maybe I'll get some time in the sewing studio. Tonight I'm just relaxing!


  1. Wow...a busy haive of quilting and sewing going on. Love your garlic knots! And those wonderful scraps ---just itching to see what you do with them.

  2. Wow - you had some very ambitious quilters at your retreat! I got a couple of ideas for scrappy quilts from looking at all your photos! Hope you get a chance to get back in the sewing room soon. That's where I am today!!

  3. What great quilting projects everyone made. Glad you had fun. I still haven't gotten any sweet corn this year (very unusual for me). I'm hoping to finally get to my sewing room later today.



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