Thursday, August 9, 2018

A finish: Up, Up and Away

Up, Up, and Away is finished. I'm afraid that it is quite obvious that I haven't been practicing my free-motion quilting on a regular basis. Hopefully I'll get more practice in the coming weeks.

Up, Up, and Away used some of the leftover Dreamweaver blocks. Dreamweaver is in the pile to be pinned and quilted.  I added balloons to this donation quilt because I though that would be child-friendly.  I wrote about my design for this quilt here.

Of course, I used Dream Cotton Batting and 50-weight Aurifil thread - this time #2735 blue that match the bordersThis donation quilt is 54 inches square.

I used orange on the back.

I quilted this with a double loop mostly. There are a few single loops and spirals too. I did not quilt the balloons so they stand out a bit.


I've had ideas for my blue scraps but none have really worked like I wanted. So, I have a new idea! I'm making strip squares with the lights and the darks.
light blue strip squares
Then I'll make half square triangles with the light and dark strip squares. The darks will have a splash of color once in a while. Here are a few blocks.

I saw a picture of a quilt done in lights and darks from a fabric line. I think it will work with my blues. I have enough strips cut for all of the squares and I still have this left:
Basket without the handle is 15" long, 12" wide and 8" high.
Now, I think it's time to get to work in the kitchen - the produce just keeps coming!


  1. Fun quilt for someone. I have several quilts you could practice on ;).

  2. It definitely is "produce" time!!! Love the direction the strippy blues are going! I have several indigo jelly roles that would work wonderfully and your "splash of color" is a great idea! The little balloon 'finish' will be loved by some young person!!! Yup, fmq a little each day seems to be the 'key' and I've been really lax lately (Me???? yup, me!!)

    1. I must be reading this wrong! Can't believe you are not fmq everyday!!! LOL ~Jeanne

  3. Gosh - that quilt is just adorable. Love the bright colors!



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