Monday, July 16, 2018

Yellow and Gray Jelly Roll Quilt

I just finished the Yellow and Gray Jelly Roll Quilt. It uses the leftover fabric from the yellow and gray quilt that I finished almost 4 years ago. I found the leftovers when I did a scrap cleanup in May.

I had to add a little gray. The strips in the quilt are only 2" wide and varying lengths. I figured out a long time ago that any width and any length strips work as long as you estimate the overall length of all the strips sewn together and do a little math.

This donation quilt measures about 48" by 53" and has Dream Cotton batting. The back is a piece that I got at Quilter's Compass during their going out of business sale last month. Actually Ray found it!

I machine quilted this with a walking foot using the wavy line #4 with a 5.5 stitch width and a 2.25 stitch length. I used light gray #2615 Aurifil 50-wt thread.

I love the color combination of yellow and gray. 


Early Friday evening we had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. The storm was quite severe with very strong winds. Many people in our area lost trees and bushes. Some lost buildings and many lost corn crops. Many of us lost power for many hours. A campground north of our town had ten camper trailers destroyed and other damage. One camper trailer had 6 people in it when it was blown over; thankfully no one was 
seriously hurt. Right after the worst part of the storm, I walked out on the porch. The silence was eerie and then the sirens began - it reminded me of the time a terrible tornado hit my hometown when I was living at home during my freshman year of college. It was not a pleasant memory.

Ray spent parts of Saturday, Sunday, and today cleaning up our yard. No, I didn't help - my body doesn't bend very well. It's been really hot with high humidity - much too warm to work very long at one time. Fortunately, we did not have any real damage; we just had lots of debris on the roofs of the house and garage and all over the yard and driveway. There is still a tree blocking our street. It is resting on a power line so the power company will be the ones to remove it. Saturday we took a ride around our village - we don't ever remember seeing the amount of tree and crop damage that we witnessed. It is very sad. 


  1. I love the gray and yellow! Very soft and nice. Glad to hear your damage wasn't too bad, but it's sad that others had to suffer more.

  2. Wonderful finish....a soothing quilt with those soft tones.
    Those storms freak me out with the violent winds and then silence that shatters your peacefulness. Glad you had no major damage.

  3. So sorry to hear of all the damage from the storm. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt. Yellow and grey make such a soothing combo... and what a perfect backing fabric Ray found! He is a keeper =)

  4. Sorry about all the damage in your area. I think all the damage was well north of us. At least the temps have dropped for a few days (and humidity is going down, too).



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