Saturday, April 7, 2018

Too much stuff!

How do we acquire so much stuff???

Years ago I said no more garage sales - never again! Then we replaced our garage last year. There were all kinds of things that needed to move out of there. We couldn't figure out where to donate some of the big things and we don't like to use landfills and we couldn't convince the son that lives nearby to take everything­čśâ. That left a sale. So yes, we are having a garage sale.

I started cleaning closets and more in January. Most of that is done so now we are sorting and marking.  I just want stuff gone - I really have no idea what price to mark. Oh, this is NOT fun! This is what I have marked:

We have a long way to go. Our town garage sale is May 5 and if I work every day until then, I might be ready!

We have these two pictures that my in-laws had. We have no idea where there are from. They are hard to photograph since they are acting like a mirror. They appear to be hand embroidered.

I don't want to get rid of them until I know something about them.

I finally gave up for the day and sandwiched a quilt - THAT was fun!


  1. I'm with you....too much stuff and I hate having garage sales, just too much work. But at some point it is a necessary thing in life. So tag a little each day until you get to the end. And don't buy anymore stuff :)

  2. Garage/tag sales are NOT fun to host!!! I've never done one myself but have contributed to others with the instructions that the money collected may be kept by them (I gave them the privilege of tagging the items, also). That wouldn't work if there were items of huge value but little stuff......great!

    1. I think the worst part is tagging the items. For the last few years, I have donated to others' sales with them keeping money. But this time, we have too much. Ugh! It will all be behind us in a month! ~Jeanne

  3. The last garage sale we had was with our Boy Scout troop, years ago. At the end of the sale, everyone abandoned me with EVERYTHING left over (that was LOTS of stuff). We made several trips to Goodwill to get rid of all of it. Now I just have a stack of stuff for donation, and take it every few weeks to different thrift stores. I hope it's warm on May 5th.

  4. I HATE garage sales! DH and I gave them up long ago. When he passed away and I had to clear out 3600sf to downsize, I put stuff out on my front porch and put on Craigslist 'come get it, it's free'. Donated whatever I could then resorted to the above. I donate a lot and have been downsizing my stash to the quilt group at church. I think they appreciate it! LOL It's been a LOT!!



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