Sunday, April 15, 2018

Anchors Aweigh and more...

It seems like we were at home most days there for quite a stretch. Then all of a sudden, we were/are on the go almost every day. Ray looked at me a few evenings ago on our way home and said "Are you sure we are retired?". I'm sure but we really get busy some times. That's the reason I was pushing this winter to get so many donation quilts made. I wanted at least 10 done by June and I think this one means there might be 18 in the donation pile! This one might be for a summer baby; I'm also making a girl quilt since we don't know the gender. One of the quilts will be #18 in the donation pile. It's fine if the pile just keeps growing. Who knows what situations will arrive where quilts are needed?. I'll just keep sewing.

This little quilt, Anchors Aweigh, is 43" square.

I used Dream Cotton batting and machine quilted this with a walking foot on my Viking. I used stitch 14 on the A1 card, a wavy line. The stitch length was 1.5 with a width of 6.0. The thread was 50-wt Aurifil #2730, a marine blue. I think you can see the quilting below.

The back is Minkee - I love the rich color.


I also finished this pair of socks. The yarn is Biscotte, Merino wool with a little nylon, and very soft.


Last night we were supposed to see Willie Nelson in concert. Sadly the rain, sleet, and ice began and we decided not to go about 2 hours before showtime. We live over an hour from the venue and the weather was supposed to just get worse all evening. Our son, who lives much closer and was going to the concert, was trying to think of someone near him who would could go so I could transfer the tickets to them. I didn't know you could transfer tickets so I was investigating how to do that on Ticketmaster when I found that I could put the tickets up for sale. When we couldn't find anyone that could use them, I posted the tickets for sale. That was at 7PM and the concert started at 8. I found that there were only 8 seats left for sale and I priced our tickets as the cheapest on the main floor. At 7:30, our tickets sold! It was a little easier missing the concert when we got most of our money back. The other 6 tickets hadn't sold as of 7:58 PM so we were quite lucky.

We did have one really nice day in the 60s this past week. I really hope that wasn't our spring! Right now it's snowing and will most of the day. I'm quilting...


  1. What a stack of donations. That is why we keep pushing on. We will mark our path by the trail of quilts we give away:)
    Glad you sold the tickets, and more glad you did not venture into bad weather. We had 2'' of rain and it is 46 degrees this morning. What happened to our Spring? I heard she got lost:)

  2. Great socks! Lots of quilts in that stack. Too bad you missed Willie, but, I totally understand. I'm sick of this snow and cold. I want some sun and warmer temps. Hopefully May 5th will be around 70 with some sunshine.



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