Monday, April 23, 2018

Blue Yellow Pink Quilt

I fell in love with the blue fabric one day and bought it. The next problem was finding something to go with it. I quickly found that finding a matching blue was out of the question. I decided the yellow would work although it was a flannel and would eventually caused my sewing machine stress. Thinking the yellow needed something, I added the pink in the middle. I wanted a softer pink but sometimes you just use what you have!

I used Dream Cotton batting on this 43" square quilt. The binding actually matches some dots in the blue fabric.

I free-motion quilted a loop-de-loop motif with 50-wt #1135 yellow Aurifil thread. It gives great texture.

I used a strip of the blue fabric on the back.


I dropped my Bernina machine off Friday to be overhauled - it is having a number of problems and the dealer can't/won't fix some of them. This is a new guy and I'm hoping to hear from him soon.


I finished cutting all of the pieces for the log cabin blocks today. Maybe I'll get some sewing done on my trusty Featherweight.


The blue log cabin blocks have been scraped. The blue scraps will be used in a Vortex quilt with a few pops of color.

It'll probably be in the works for quite a while - I like having a no-thinking quilt to work on every now and then.


  1. Your blue and yellow is beautiful, and the pink is the perfect little pop!

  2. Love the color combo, and the pop of color. Sorry about the machine. Hope there is some storing it:)

  3. Your little quilt is looks so inviting. Won't it be loved by some little person! Good luck with your machine, but what a great opportunity to sew with your Featherweight!

  4. The Featherweight is more fun to sew on (at least mine is) than the modern machines. Yes, flannel leaves the machine a mess. I need to clean all the lint out of mine now, after sewing flannel. Cute quilt.



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